Why Graphic novels?

Graphic novels can be fun! If you haven’t even tried to read this genre,  NOW  is the time to start. Choose one that sounds and looks appealing then spend some time exploring the text and the visuals.

Why bother?

Why not..

Lots of reasons:

        • The graphic novel is a medium for telling wonderful stories which capture the imagination
        • Literary graphic novels often tackle big issues and are frequently autobiographical (Persepolis) or political (The Sacrifice, published by Allen & Unwin)
        • Graphic novels have won major literary awards including the Pulitzer Prize Special Award (Maus) and the Guardian First Book Award (Jimmy Corrigan)
        • Graphic novels have a visual vibrancy and energy, in which words and images fuse in new, often quite cinematic, ways.
        • In a graphic novel, drama is created by the interplay between words and images, the tone and mood of the text and pictures, the gaps between the panels
        • ‘Not only do graphic novels entail reading in the traditional sense, they also require reading in a new way … the reader must make the connections between the images and the text and create the links between each panel and the page as a whole … Shannon Hale’s Rapunzel’s Revenge is another great example, full of witty, vibrant and appealing colours with whiplash dialogue and street-smart female lead.  See trailer below:

Grab a taste of the Percy Jackson graphic novel, click on the pic below for a rollercoaster journey into his world,


Winner of 2012 Aurelis Award for Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Book / Graphic Novel:

Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by James Brouwer you can find out more about Tom here.

Insideadog gives us 5 reasons to read The Deep: Here Be Dragons :

1. Ant, the boy of the Nekton family, is smart, fun, and keen on adventure.

2. Fontaine is sassy and possibly the only sane person in the Nekton family. This doesn’t bode well when she’s the teenage daughter, not one of the parents.

3. William and Kaiko are the parents and they. are. awesome. Like, I love my family, but if someone offered a trade…

4. Dragons. In the sea. The family are exploring the rumour of dragons. In the sea.

5. Jeffrey the fish. He’s adorable. And will fill your heart with rainbows. (No more than six, though, because according to the writer, Tom Taylor, any more rainbows than that will make your aorta explode. It’s beautiful but messy.)


3 Responses to Why Graphic novels?

  1. Eleanor Croagh says:

    I have never read any graphic novels, but I think after reading this post, that maybe I will start reading them! This genre of book seems like a very valuable reading experience, one that i would love to venture into.

  2. Mrs Penfold says:

    I agree, Eleanor. When the illustrations and dialogue are colourful and witty it can be a really fun read.

  3. Anonymous says:

    graphic novels for me tell stories in a verry different way,they can even bring a whole new emotion to a scene in a book ! love it !!

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